Sales and operations planning

In order to align a company agilely and efficiently to the ever increasing fluctuations of sales and procurement markets, coordinated and transparent action by all corporate functions involved is necessary. Integrated operational planning (Sales & Operations Planning) is a central lever to successfully manage complex supply chain networks and to achieve an overall alignment with financial targets.

In this context, questions must be clarified, such as

  • Which customers do I serve first in case of capacity restrictions?
  • What measures do I take to cope with unusually high incoming orders?
  • How high are my urgently needed stocks in order to cover customer requirements?

A coordinated forecast, a transparent data model and stored scenarios ensure, on the basis of coordinated processes of all departments involved, that operational planning delivers a real value contribution both for the operational processing of customer orders and for efficient and transparent corporate management. A rather centrally managed Sales & Operations Planning combines operative planning areas such as sales, manufacturing and financial planning. However, it also enables rapid decentralized execution based on scenarios.

In many companies, however, operational planning - in contrast to the approach described above - is burdened by systemic and process-related weaknesses that are time-consuming and cost-intensive and can considerably reduce its effectiveness:

  • Inefficient support by IT systems and lack of integration with risk and financial management and the suppliers involved,
  • Poor cooperation across national and corporate borders,
  • High complexity of business processes, inconsistent measurement and non-transparent process landscape,
  • Lack of central process monitoring during implementation and execution of operational planning,
  • Insufficient goal orientation and lack of support from top management.

Our team of consultants has the necessary knowledge paired with well-founded experience from working on comparable tasks to transfer these weaknesses into a forward-looking design of the S&OP. The following modules form our range of services:

  • Determination of the S&OP maturity level of an organization,
  • Ensuring a uniform and valid data basis as a basis for planning,
  • Derivation of suitable scenarios for achieving operational and financial performance targets,
  • Integration of the relevant IT tools and embedding in the planning process,
  • Recognition of patterns and trends in market and customer behaviour by using Advanced Analytics,
  • Introduction of company-wide performance indicators to control process quality.