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The Consulting Wedding of the Year: ROI-EFESO welcomes CZIPIN

The Consulting Wedding of the Year: ROI-EFESO welcomes CZIPIN

ROI-EFESO continues to grow with CZIPIN in Austria

A special connection is celebrated! Alois Czipin - Austria's productivity mastermind - secures with his Red Elephant and ROI-EFESO a unique market position in operational consulting in Austria and beyond.

Vienna, 25.06.2021 - CZIPIN, Austria's best known management consultancy for measurable productivity improvement announces today that they join forces with ROI-EFESO, a global management consulting group specialized in operations strategy, performance excellence and transformation, operating across 35 offices globally.

Alois Czipin, CEO at Czipin says: “I am looking forward to working with ROI-EFESO. Now it is a matter of combining our competencies to increase corporate fitness with "Industrial Leadership" in order to jointly ensure the progress of Austria as a leading business location."


Leading companies in the manufacturing industry trust upon ROI-EFESO to help them embrace and accelerate their digital transformation in terms of process excellence, cost efficiency and innovation capability. ROI-EFESO's involvement creates lean, customer-focused organizations that are shaping and
expanding consistent digitalization at their locations.

Hans-Georg Scheibe, Managing Partner of ROI-EFESO: "On the one hand, CZIPIN and ROI-EFESO have complementary perspectives on the challenges that companies are facing in the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, we share the belief that our actions, both internally and externally, can only be successful if they are value-based, appreciative, results-oriented, open and collaborative. Based on this, CZIPIN and ROI-EFESO have developed their success stories in Germany and Austria. This spirit will also characterize our joint work in the years to come".

CZIPIN specializes in achieving entrepreneurial fitness at the highest level for well-known Austrian companies in the country and abroad. The Red Elephant s key focus is productivity, which enhances the existing corporate culture and thus creates an important basis for sustainability. This is realized with a unique set of methods and continuous implementation – both in production and service companies. Alois Czipin will stay in charge and lead the team as Austrian Managing Director. "My important task is to further develop the value that we will create for our clients of the group together with ROI-EFESO in the future", says Alois Czipin.

ROI-EFESO has a strong track record in the automotive industry, where it has supported both leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers for many years. "Extensive transformation programs are currently taking place in this industry. These include all corporate functions and require both a strategic and an operational realignment – especially in the area of operations," says Michael Jung, Managing Partner of ROI-EFESO "Here, as well, the consulting focus and experience of CZIPIN and ROI-EFESO complement each other ideally, as we enjoy a top reputation among our automotive customers for both, the development of forward-looking concepts and operational efficiency enhancement in the areas of product development, production and supply chain. By bundling our competencies, we will be even stronger in this area, so I am already very much looking forward to successful and joint projects with my CZIPIN colleagues", Jung continued.

"We are very pleased to welcome CZIPIN as part of the EFESO Group. The firm has an outstanding track record in business performance improvement with a strong footprint in Austria and international experiences. By joining forces we will increase our leadership position in Austria, offering our clients wider services across the main sectors and a worldwide platform to support their global transformations" say Luca Lecchi and Bruno Machiels, co-CEOs of the EFESO GROUP.



Alois Czipin's consulting experience and first company foundation dates back to 1989. With his first company "Czipin & Partner" he played a major role in shaping the Austrian economy from the 1990s to the 2000s. The company grew far beyond the borders and up to 100 active consultants - e.g. in Eastern Europe, Germany, Great Britain and USA. In 2001 the exit to an American consulting company followed. Shortly after, he founded "Czipin Consulting" together with Josef Taus and was on board with his team for the success of the Libro restructuring. He successfully led the company under this name until 2014, when the new positioning with the Red Elephant took place. For him, the Red Elephant is synonymous with implementation-strong management consulting with a lot of emotion and a strong team.

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We are a global management consulting firm specialized in Operations Strategy, Performance Excellence and Transformation. We partner with organizations to reach tangible industrial results both in the short and in the long term. By integrating process, digital and human dynamics we amplify and accelerate real progression, while from the start ensuring anchoring and sustainability of achievements. We work in tandem with our clients to shape their operations so that they progress faster and better than the competition.

We help companies optimize product and technology portfolios, increase operational excellence, design global networks, optimize the organization according to lean principles, and reduce costs throughout the value chain. We use Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies to align processes with customers, realize efficiency potential and enable new business models. We also translate sustainability issues into concrete top-line and bottom-line improvements. Our teams, operating from 35 offices across the globe, bring hands-on experience and expertise spanning a wide range of industries and functional capabilities. Our people are passionate about industrial operational excellence and act as natural partners for progression both on the shop floor and in the board room.

Since 2013, ROI-EFESO presented the prestigious "Industrie 4.0 Award" to companies that implement ground breaking projects in the areas of Smart Factory and Smart Supply Chain.





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