Sustainability Programs by ROI-EFESO

ROI-EFESO has in-depth expertise on the topics, trends and regulatory requirements in all segments of corporate value creation. We ensure transparency, realistic objectives and measurable results in the area of sustainability - be it in the design of the manufacturing footprint, in the context of digitalization or in the adaptation of the Product portfolio and product development.


Our Sustainability Practice delivers solutions for current and future challenges in industrial companies. In doing so, we focus on three key areas:

  • End-to-end integration: We systematize and prioritize all sustainability activities in the company. In doing so, we integrate both "top-down" overarching sustainability strategies and "bottom-up" the operational level to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Long-term effectiveness: We take into account market trends, technological innovations and regulatory requirements to ensure the economic viability and long-term development of sustainability programs.
  • Pragmatic focus on results: We create action plans that are understood at all levels of the organization. We also visualize the impact of the measures, for example in terms of sustainability ratings or business aspects. All results flow directly into value creation - whether in the form of savings, certifications, or in the context of motivation- or image-oriented results communication.

Sustainability excellence in industry



  • End-to-End through your Value Chain
  • Top-down, integrated with your industrial strategy
  • Bottom-up, integrated with your Operational Excellence
  • Leveraging collaboration with ESG specialists ad needed (e.g. ESG Rating, Technical Partners)


  • Top-line and Bottom-line impacts
  • Rooted in recognized EFESO industrial expertise
  • Looking Forward, matching upcoming trends and regulations with industrial performance and financial viability


  • Hands-on support to concrete initiatives that make a difference
  • Measuring Return on Investments
  • Only focusing on key facts and figures that transform to insights

ROI-EFESO's range of services in the area of "Sustainability" takes into account all dimensions of industrial value creation:


Sustainability Assessment

Low Impact Product Lifecycle

Low Impact Operations: Factories & Supply Chains


Tim Ballenberger

Tim Ballenberger

Program Lead
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Dr Felix Canales

Dr. Felix Canales

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