Explanation: Six Sigma Green Belt

A "Six Sigma Green Belt" is a qualified person in a company who has received special training in the Six Sigma methodology. They are therefore able to carry out Six Sigma projects in a supporting role. Six Sigma is a quality management method that aims to reduce the error and defect rate in processes and improve the quality of products or services.

The term "Green Belt" is derived from belt grades in martial arts and refers to the qualification level within the Six Sigma program. A Six Sigma Green Belt takes on tasks such as data analysis, application of statistical tools or employee training.

A Six Sigma Green Belt is usually an important interface between the employees at the operational level and the higher management levels who manage Six Sigma methods and projects. This role helps to support the implementation of process improvements and the achievement of the company's quality objectives. Higher qualification levels are, for example, the "Six Sigma Black Belt" and the "Six Sigma Master Black Belt".

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