Emmanuel Frionnet

Supervisory Board of ROI Management Consulting AG, Germany

With more than 25 years experience in corporate finance, first with large private investors and then in a variety of industries, mainly in industry.

He has had the opportunity to take on financial management roles in several listed mid-cap companies. In addition to the usual functions of managing the accounting and finance team, preparing the parent company and the consolidated financial statements, reporting and cash management, he has specialised in financial communications, managing relations with shareholders and governing bodies.

In 2006, he was a partner as CFO and investor in the LBO acquisition of the HARLEY BICKFORD Group. In addition to the financial management of two industries and a portfolio of real estate investments, he was involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions for 4 years, enabling shareholders to generate high multiplier potential. His staff and he have been fortunate enough to be partners in the ARGOS SODITIC fund, with which they have established a very effective relationship of trust.

Then, with the help of the AVENIR ENTREPRISES INVESTISSEMENT REGIONS fund, he took over a small service company in which he was very involved on a daily basis. This enabled him to be directly operational and close to the field for 4 years, taking on all the tasks of a company with 35 employees.

Then he took over a position as interim financial director for companies with specific financial problems, in very different industries, which I quickly adapted to.