Global network planning and simulation

Designing worldwide logistics networks

Successful companies constantly check the structure of their global locations and assign products, technologies and investments in a targeted manner to these locations. Over and above this, they contemplate between centralized governance and local autonomy and ultimately set up manufacturing and logistics at new locations (best-cost countries).

In doing so, certain core issues need to be addressed:

  • What are the optimal manufacturing and distribution locations?
  • How are the locations networked and how can economies of scale be utilized?
  • Which are the procurement clusters and centers that are meaningful at present and for the future?
  • To what extent would there be vertical integration in the supply chain and what are the consequences of the make or buy decisions resulting from this?
  • How can regions with a comparatively low cost level of manufacturing factors be integrated into the supply chain taking the benefits and risks into consideration?
  • What does the ideal "footprint" of the locations look like, what are the competences and resources available there and where are various products going to be manufactured?

ROI Consulting offers continuous and consistent support with the design of an optimal network. The basis for this includes powerful databases, analytical and simulation tools, as well as expert knowledge and local scouting.




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