CSRD: how to set up your reporting on your sustainability strategy

The EU CSRD* requires companies to report on their transformation to a greener economy. Reporting is the last stage in a complex process that involves formulating strategies aligned with long-term goals and action plans, as well as delivering crucial information to stakeholders. Many departments will have to identify and collect scattered data, define collaborative processes, and disclose auditable information on their sustainability performance. A tough, but doable challenge for sustainability managers.



In this free webinar, we show how to tackle it concretely. Our experts Tim Ballenberger from ROI-EFESO and Florian Santolini from kShuttle will share how companies are responding to the incoming regulations. We will cover the following topics:

  • European context and CSRD
  • Roadmap CSRD: key points to anticipate
  • Presentation CSR Insight: key topics to implement a reliable and evolutive solution


*Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive



Tim Ballenberger, Senior Consultant, ROI-EFESO
Tim Ballenberger is Senior Consultant at ROI-EFESO, where he has been responsible for the sustainability services since 2021. This includes the deployment of client projects, the design and further development of ROI-EFESOs consulting offering, as well as staff training. In customer projects, he deals with the solution of strategic and operational challenges. His further expertise in the areas of digitalization and operational excellence helps him apply a holistic view for supporting his customer's long-term success.

Florian Santolini, Regional Director, kShuttle
Florian Santolini, Regional Director at kShuttle, has 10+ years of experience implementing financial performance management and compliance solutions. He previously headed kShuttle's compliance solution for IFRS 16 (leader in France) and helped more than 20 listed companies in achieving compliance with the standard. He currently assists companies in complying with EU Green Deal regulations.






at 22.06.2023
from 11:00