Effective presentation

Effective techniques for your presentation success


Goals & Benefits

Designing and delivering presentations in an appealing way is part of the toolset in today's working life. This training teaches you how to develop and build a presentation in a targeted manner that captivates and convinces the audience and whose messages remain in their minds. You will learn which presentation media and design elements to use and how to prepare and visualize relevant data. In addition, you will learn more about the effective use of gestures and body language during presentations. To experience the practical benefits, each participant brings an own presentation to work on during the training


Interactive, sustained learning through theory, practical examples and exercises:

  • Forms of presentation
    – Classic slide presentation
    – Interactive alternatives
  • The pyramidal principle
    – Basic principle and distinction from the academic principle
    – Argumentation groups and chains
  • Story telling
    – The Limbic System and the Archivist
    – Address emotions
  • Methods
    – Audience analysis
    – Development of the message
    – Delivery of the message
  • Data visualization
    – Supporting the message with data
  • Presentation design
    – Do's & Don'ts
  • Voice, gestures, body language


Basics in PowerPoint or Keynote or OpenOffice

Target group

  • Managers from all areas of the company
  • Project and process management specialists


1 day

Number of participants

5-10 participants


We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.