Industrial IoT platforms

Selection and use of industrial platforms


Goals & Benefits

In this training, you will learn more about the different architectural approaches in the context of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in order to assess their advantages and disadvantages. You will learn what to look for when selecting IIoT vendors and technologies. Using a live simulation, you will understand the performance and limitations of IIoT platform solutions and how they can be used for process improvements in the company.


Interactive, sustained learning through theory, practical examples and learning simulation:

  • ROI reference model for IoT platforms in industry
  • Functional scope of different IoT platforms
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different IoT architectures
  • Connection of devices and applications through IoT
  • Retrofit solutions on machines and plants
  • Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing in comparison
  • IoT solution architectures for diverse use cases
  • Use cases for the use of IoT platforms


Practical knowledge Industry 4.0 - technologies and fields of application

Target group

  • Middle Management
  • Professionals and managers from production, supply chain, information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT)
  • Lean Managers


1 day

Number of participants

5-15 participants


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