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Experte:    Andrea Montermini, Vice President & Managing Director Western EU, EFESO   |   02/22/2024   |   Teilen auf in

Whitepaper: Lessons learned from Senior Executives in manufacturing companies

Many industrial companies have already reached important milestones on their digital transformation journey by capturing their operations data and using it for continuous improvement. But how can this process be further developed and accelerated together with the employees in the organization?

The white paper "Humanizing Industry 4.0" by EFESO/ SOLVACE provides practical answers to this question. It summarizes the results of a survey of decision-makers who, together with their teams, are largely responsible for industrial digitalization, including plant managers, CDOs, operations and IT managers.

Enabling the workforce for digital change

This provides a picture of the key challenges of digitalization across different sectors. It also makes clear how important this topic is for companies: whether it is to reduce costs, remain competitive, increase efficiency and productivity, or improve quality control.

“The ideal purpose of a digital transformation is not merely a technological upgrade. It's a renaissance, a commitment to progress, to lead, and to outpace in a race that is increasingly defined by digital prowess. In this context, readers can use the contents of our whitepaper for their own transformation roadmap”, says Andrea Montermini, Vice President & Managing Director Western EU at EFESO Management Consultants.

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