Consulting in the Healthcare sector

The market environment for companies in the Healthcare sector is undergoing dramatic change. While “product” demand for healthcare is constantly growing, the pressure to control costs and make changes is massively increasing, due to ever-evolving statutory requirements, new competitors, and new distribution channels.

ROI consulting supports companies in the Healthcare sector to respond to the ongoing changes.

Our work here focuses on:

  • Increasing R&D efficiency
  • Laboratory organization and research logistics
  • Operational excellence programs
  • Adaptation of lean production principles
  • Optimisation of the entire supply chain
  • Supply chain management
  • Cost reduction programmes

It is becoming particularly important to adapt lean management principles to the special concerns of pharmaceuticals sector, since many of pharmaceutical companies are only just now beginning to use them. Key concepts are definition of the “right” investment policy, segmentation und specialization vs. multi-purpose, creation of flexibility, introduction of the pull principle, process stabilization, etc. 

In addition, due to the high cost of raw materials in the face of relatively low added value in production, management of the entire supply chain and supply chain security are becoming more important, for instance, through active inventory management, including with upstream suppliers.

Excerpt from our list of references:

- Amoena
- Bayer
- Fresenius
- Lohmann & Rauscher
- Novartis
- Rôche
- Sandoz
- Sanofi
- Siemens
- and others

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