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Best practice: How a pharmaceutical company successfully implements a comprehensive sustainability initiative.

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Premises and fields of action for the development of sustainability strategies in industry.

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Digital Process Twins in Manufacturing

Digital Process Twins enable Holostic Production Management

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Global Footprint – Revisited

How companies are aligning their existing footprint with what is required. The "mismatch" between the existing and required footprints is a constant source of risk for companies

with an international presence. Opportunities for prevention exist in a number of fields of


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“Today's import barriers will prevent tomorrow’s exports”

Recommended actions for new global market scenarios. An interview with Dr. Johannes Fritz from the University of St. Gallen on the results of the Global Trade Alert and suggested approaches for German companies.

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Relying on Our Own Strengths

Practical tips for German companies on handling the Trump administration

Dr. André Wolf from the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) sets out just how

free and fair free trade really is and the measures businesses can take to hedge against unpredictable


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“Companies need to balance a calm yet vigilant approach.”

Ideas for setting up global partnerships between business and politics. In this interview, Prof. Dr. Oliver Lorz from RWTH Aachen explains how the export world champion can continue to operate in a “democratic recession”.

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"Structure follows Strategy"

The introduction of SAP S/4HANA: its implications and opportunities for corporate strategy. In the interview, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pasckert and Prof. Dr. Peter Gordon Rötzel from the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences describe the extent to which companies can benefit from SAP migration, and what mistakes they should avoid.

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The SAP S/4HANA universe

Infographic on six key S/4HANA applications for industrial companies. Various applications are available for all segments of the value chain, for the transition from the old IT world to a new SAP S/4HANA universe.

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Systems take a leap into the future

Pointers for a successful change to SAP S/4HANA. In addition to the technical service, the guiding principle of the S/4HANA integration should be a continuous development of the know-how structure surrounding the new (process) options.

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From Prototyping to Manufacturing

Guidelines for using 3D printing within a company. Companies can now use 3D technologies to replace conventional production methods like milling, molding, drilling and turning. We list checkpoints for digitalized production and approaches to additive manufacturing.

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Error-Free Process Control

Quality Management 4.0. Even pioneers of “intelligent manufacturing” continue to focus on standardized production and quality processes that are already defined. In spite of this, it will be vital to adapt processes and tools used for quality assurance to the smart factory in such a way that they can be deployed in a highly automated and digital way.

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Digital Shop Floor Management

The Backbone of the Smart Factory. IoT technologies that are currently available offer extremely interesting possibilities of organizing shop floor management more effectively and efficiently. The article explains what companies should consider when establishing an agile, transparent management system with digital tools.

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Increased Efficiency thanks to Shift-Planning App

Interview with Michael Berner, Production Manager, BorgWarner Ludwigsburg GmbH. How BorgWarner changed its shift planning with its own KapaflexCy app and what best practice experience was gained from it is explained by Michael Berner.

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