Vice President and Supervisory Board of ROI Management Consulting AG, Germany

Bruno Machiels, Co-CEO of EFESO Group, has extensive experience in supporting executive teams in the alignment, planning, implementation and acceleration of complex transformations.

His areas of expertise include the development of strategies, the translation of this strategy into progression roadmaps, the joint management of major transformation and change initiatives and negotiations with trade unions. He has also worked on the negotiation and implementation of mergers, joint ventures and carve-outs. He is also leading a group initiative to reinvent the management system in the context of the new digital economy, allowing for much greater agility and speed of progress.

He has broad industry experience, including: financial services, media and telecommunications, professional services, retail and healthcare.

He holds a Master in Law (KU Leuven) and an MBA (INSEAD - France). He also completed specific programs at Sophia University Tokyo (Japan) and Stanford University (California).

Portraitfoto von Machiels Bruno vor grauem Hintergrund