Improving the quality and process stability

Realising the Zero-Defect-Principle in products and processes

Quality is not negotiable. It can be achieved at low cost under two prerequisites: "In-built quality" in the product design and stability of the manufacturing processes. This is supplemented by a zero-error culture in the company.ROI Consulting has a wide range of experience and a comprehensive kit of methods in order to support you on your way to excellence in quality in the face of the following challenges:

  • Preventive safeguarding of the product quality and risk management in the product development process
  • Quality assurance of sourced parts and vendor development
  • Introduction of robust manufacturing processes (including Six Sigma)
  • Implementation of Industry 4.0 / IoT solutions, such as in-line control
  • Program for cutting down on the costs of quality
  • Operational quality offensives and process stabilization
  • Quality management in indirect corporate designations
  • Implementation of a zero-error philosophy in the company



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