Introduction of Shop Floor Management

Day-to-day problem solving and improvement

Every lean manufacturing facility needs Shop Floor Management (SFM). Without the "Local management", lean initiatives (e.g. introduction of Kanban) are restricted to visible technical modifications of which nothing remains in the long run.  

Shop-floor management is the key to sustainability of lean manufacturing. The managers communicate daily on-site regarding achieving or missing the targets and the countermeasures that are necessary. Problem-solving processes are initiated and improvements are incorporated as standards.

ROI Consulting supports the path in this management and improvement culture with a consolidated program:

Analysis of degree of sophistication and maturity for need of action

  • Standardized location determination based on the success criteria of the SFM
  • Defining the target situation and deriving the customized need for action

Customer adaptation of the ROI Shop-floor Management approach

  • Customizing the contents of the ROI success model
  • The model consists of the hierarchy, methods, tools and associated training units

Implementation with combined theoretical / practical blocks locally

  • Company-wide introduction plan for the SFM model
  • Active and practical support for implementation on a pilot scale

Brief theoretical blocks combined with local implementation

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