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The software company Cybus is enabling the seamless manufacturing data flow for industrial enterprises since 2015. Their software solution Connectware is a centralized and scalable data hub that collects, processes and distributes industrial data. It supports large scale configurations along multiple factory sites and is tailored for production-critical operation.
With its strength in data integration at scale, Connectware creates robust data infrastructures to guarantee seamless technological integration of production, IT and business. Based on the power of code, Connectware is the only Industrial IoT software that streamlines the automated deployment and management of data integration – standardized, fail-safe and cloud-native.
Running fully on-premises, Connectware bridges the gap between cloud and edge by combining containerization, modularity and CI/CD with highest security standards and data sovereignty.
Global enterprises from industries such as automotive, metal processing and machinery rely on Cybus’ software technology to set new standards for data-driven production.

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