Lean Digital Manager

With Lean and Industry 4.0 into the future factory


Learning objectives

The 5-day course to become a certified "Lean Digital Manager" qualifies you to implement lean and digitally connected processes in the factory. You will understand how Lean principles are used as a basis for digitization projects and learn how to use Industry 4.0 technologies to make your production system even leaner and more efficient. You will be able to initiate Industry 4.0 projects to further develop lean production in your company and successfully drive the related change processes.



  • Interaction between Lean and Industry 4.0
  • Maturity level and application fields for Industry 4.0
  • Connected and digitized processes in the factory
  • Importance of vertical and horizontal integration
  • Data and technologies for lean production
  • Application scenarios for Industry 4.0 in the factory
  • Use of lean methods with IoT technologies
  • Further development of the production system
  • Leadership principles in the digital transformation


  • High learning success through practical exercises and best practice examples
  • Learning transfer to your own company through trying out in the learning factory
  • New methodological, leadership and digital skills for your everyday work life
  • Exchange of experience and networking with experts and peers


This certification program is aimed at professionals and managers from production, logistics, engineering, maintenance, quality, assembly as well as lean management, CIP, IT, industrial engineering, supply chain, digitization and Industry 4.0.


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