Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt Training

Application of DMAIC for process improvement in the team


Goals & Benefits

The fulfillment of customer expectations in terms of time, cost and quality requires optimized processes in the company. Avoiding waste and errors in processes is therefore an important task that needs effective tools and methods. This training will teach you how Six Sigma as a method for process improvement is combined with approaches from Lean Management. You will learn about the individual phases of the DMAIC cycle as well as their goals, procedures and tools in Six Sigma improvement projects.


Interactive, sustained learning through theory, practical examples and exercises:

  • Origins and principles of the Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Differentiation and synergies between Lean and Six Sigma
  • Roles and responsibilities in Six Sigma (“Belt” principle)
  • Systematic problem solving according to the DMAIC project phase model
  • Define: Definition of problem and objective, framework of the project
  • Measure: Data collection, set-up of a measurement system with key figures
  • Analyze: Identify root causes through process and data analysis
  • Improve: Development and implementation of solutions
  • Control: Evaluation of the implemented solutions
  • Instruments such as Ishikawa diagram, Pareto analysis, process mapping, FMEA
  • Relevance and importance of work culture for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma



Target group

  • Middle Management
  • Professionals and managers from direct business units


2 days

Number of participants

5-10 participants


We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.