Value Stream Analysis and Design

Mastering complex material and information flows


Goals & Benefits

By using Value Stream Mapping and Value Stream Design, you will achieve:

  • Less waste
  • Reduced throughput times
  • Minimized inventories
  • Increased delivery reliability

Based on the training, you will recognize and understand the value chain of your work environment. You perform Value Stream Mapping and create Value Stream Designs.


Interactive, sustained learning through theory, best practices and learning simulation:

  • Methodology of Value Stream Mapping and Value Stream Design
  • Recording and visualization of actual value streams
  • Transparency of value streams
  • Recognize and understand the value chain
  • Identification of the 7+1 types of waste
  • Development of TARGET value streams
  • Sustained reduction of waste
  • Success factors and challenges


Target group

  • Middle Management
  • Professionals and managers from production
  • Lean Experts


2 days

Number of participants

5-15 participants


We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer