Assumptions about the reception of blockchain technology and the consequences for adaptation. Interview with Dr. Martin Kiel, Codecentric AG/the black frame.

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Blockchain technology has the potential to change established patterns in one fell swoop. This applies not only to banks, but also to industry. Their first goal: the supply chain.

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WELCOME TO CRYPTONIA - Manufacturing & Logistics in the age of Blockchain.

A storm is coming: It is the harbinger of a new world whose rules and laws radically differ from our usual ideas - its name: Cryptonia.

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Digital Strategy Labs

Protected active cells of innovation - Welcome to the strategy lab!

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Translation of technology drivers into initial product ideas

Whoever develops a new product should know his target market

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The leap into the unknown

Investigation & selection of technology impulses - starting point for the development of digital products and services

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Road to Digital

Roadmap for the development of a digital product and service business

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Best Practices

Map of digital products: Digital products and services are already in demand on the market today.

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Digitization in Mechanical Engineering

There is hardly any new growth opportunity in their core business. However, the digital products and services business shows two-digit growth rates.

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My human boss is keeping track of things

Let's do the Time Warp! We are traveling a few years into the future and find that order-picking robots are firmly integrated into the Warehouse 4.0 teams.

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