3D printing: Strong Momentum

Fresh impetus for the future development of additive manufacturing. Rapid software development, topology optimization for functional parts and new printing materials are only a few examples of the momentum of 3D printing technology. Taking the key raw material metal as an example we illustrate which future developments are of particular importance.

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Chapter 8

People settled in Zell am See in the Pinzgau region of Austria as early as the Bronze Age. The first Roman expeditions to reach the area just before the start of the Common Era found a flourishing Celtic culture that had existed in the region for half a millennium (after of course displacing another flourishing culture that had also occupied the area for 500 years)...

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Chapter 7

Lohr is an idyllic town in the Spessart hills, characterized by halftimbered houses, the river Main and the legend nurtured successfully by the town’s tourist marketing office for the last thirty years that, according to an extremely questionable but absolutely endearing theory, Lohr was the birth town of Snow White...

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Chapter 5

San Francisco Airport welcomes us in bright sunshine. This time we decide against a hire car in favor of an Uber driver, who takes us to San Mateo just half an hour away. San Mateo is one of the hotspots for start-ups in Silicon Valley, but our destination is neither one of the up-and-coming hightech forges nor one of the innumerable venture capital companies that have offices in the city...

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Chapter 4

We flew from Amsterdam/Schiphol to Stockholm/Arlanda in two hours, exchanged money, hired a car and now we’re already on our way again. The next stop on our journey is the mine at Garpenberg, near the small town of Hedemora situated a good two-and-a-half hours north of Stockholm...

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Chapter 1

The Lufthansa flight from Munich to Edinburgh takes around two and a half hours. This is where our journey through the smart product economy begins...

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Hitchhiker's Guide To The Smart Products Economy

"The most profound technologies are those that disappear,” is how Mark Weiser’s now legendary essay “The Computer for the 21st Century” begins. Published 25 years ago, Weiser’s vision of the omnipresent computer that is invisible as a separate device and, more importantly, of the pervasive network, has finally become reality...

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Industry 4.0 must provide intuitive support – Interview with Andreas Jenke, Bosch Rexroth AG

Bosch Rexroth AG won the "2014 Industry 4.0 Award" with its new pilot assembly line. The company implemented an end-to-end network approach – and in the process increased not just the efficiency and quality of production but also provided for greater flexibility in the way it deploys its employees and an ergonomic workplace design.

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“Think Big, Start Small”

Interview with Mark van Rijmenam, Founder of Datafloq. The management of Big Data is the foundation of all IIoT-based business models. Mark vanRijmenam explains in this interview what is required for its rapid, enterprise-wide launch – and to what extent industry, which still thinks in terms of traditional supply chains, must reinvent itself.

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