INSIDE THE SMART FACTORY - How the Internet of Things is transforming manufacturing

Learn more about the six core elements you should consider if you want to increase quality and output while using less resources with operational excellence in a smart factory.

Going Smart

Milestones on the Road to an Intelligent Factory. Inside the “smart factory”, the way to increasing quality and output while using fewer resources is via a comprehensive model of operational excellence. The article introduces six elements that are essential to this.

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Increased Efficiency thanks to Shift-Planning App

Interview with Michael Berner, Production Manager, BorgWarner Ludwigsburg GmbH. How BorgWarner changed its shift planning with its own KapaflexCy app and what best practice experience was gained from it is explained by Michael Berner.

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Digital Shop Floor Management

The Backbone of the Smart Factory. IoT technologies that are currently available offer extremely interesting possibilities of organizing shop floor management more effectively and efficiently. The article explains what companies should consider when establishing an agile, transparent management system with digital tools.

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Robots as colleagues

Interview with Thomas Ebenhöch, Site and Plant Manager Regensburg, Continental Automotive GmbH Thomas Ebenhöch describes the benefits arising from the teamwork between humans and collaborative robots in Continental’s Regensburg plant.

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Smart Products: New Rules for the Industry

Key levers for a modular and efficient manufacturing Today the market for intelligent products is growing at its strongest rate in industry. If manufacturing companies wish to transform their value-added processes into digital, platform-based business models by using such products, they should be aware of various aspects.

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Error-Free Process Control

Quality Management 4.0. Even pioneers of “intelligent manufacturing” continue to focus on standardized production and quality processes that are already defined. In spite of this, it will be vital to adapt processes and tools used for quality assurance to the smart factory in such a way that they can be deployed in a highly automated and digital way.

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“Think Big, Start Small”

Interview with Mark van Rijmenam, Founder of Datafloq. The management of Big Data is the foundation of all IIoT-based business models. Mark vanRijmenam explains in this interview what is required for its rapid, enterprise-wide launch – and to what extent industry, which still thinks in terms of traditional supply chains, must reinvent itself.

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