Best practice assembly and logistics

Zero-waste assembly and material supply

Modern assembly systems are in a position to manufacture complex products rich in variety and at competitive costs. They control piece production and the manufacture of small batches and are flexible in terms of fluctuations in the number of pieces. This is also true in a differentiated form for mass-scale manufacture.

ROI Consulting has the necessary instruments for this purpose:

  1. With ROM®, the ROI method subsequent to operation, based on the parts list, a waste-free assembly system is simulated in a short period of time. The optimal assembly time and potential is therefore fixed.
  2. The assembly system itself is developed from a best practices kit that is aligned with the following basic principles:
  • Clear separation of assembly and logistics
  • Introduction of one-piece flow
  • Flexible cycle time management
  • Optimal separation and integration of pre-assembly and final assembly
  • Meaningful automation, low-cost intelligent automation
  • Pull principle and flexible changeover of provision of parts
  • Standardized replenishment processes
  • Modular and utilization-independent design of assembly system and workplace
  • Team-oriented and flexible capacity organization concepts

In addition, ROM® can deliver valuable inputs for manufacturing-related and assembly-related aspects, which need to be considered in the product design stage.

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