Improving the quality and process stability

Quality is more than the sum of the processes, indicators, certificates and measurements – rather, it remains the quintessence of most long-term successful brands. This especially applies to knowledge-intensive companies from high-wage countries where the products have direct effects on human health, for premium brands, or for manufacturers of long-term capital goods. In increasing numbers of industries, quality is synonymous with the pursuit of perfection; ‘zero defects’ is a non-negotiable component of performance.

The flip side of the quality orientation is ‘over-engineering’ – perfection and improvement in areas that make no contribution to functionality and are not perceived by the customer as additional added value. In hard-fought, fast-moving markets, over-engineering is just as much a problem as the increasing, vice-like pressure faced by quality management. On the one hand, the quality requirements of customers are increasing all around the world. On the other, the margins for quality management are being constantly eroded: short product and development cycles and growing variant diversity limit the test times, the declining value-added depth requires quality controls across global supply chains and the increasing share of software and networked components massively increases product complexity. Faced with this, quality management must overcome the difficult balance between early integration in the value creation process and effective firefighting measures, preventive and reactive activities, high standards and quality costs, use of the latest technologies and the potential quality risks of networking and digitisation.

    In this challenging environment, ROI is a reliable and experienced partner and supports companies by providing effective quality management solutions – from the supply chain through development and manufacturing and on to customer service. We continuously develop the quality of products and services using technologies for data analytics, automation applications, or remote maintenance. Here we draw on our broad experience and comprehensive methodology modules to realise quality excellence:

    • Preventive safeguarding of product quality and risk management during product development
    • Quality assurance of purchased parts and supplier development
    • Introduction of stable manufacturing processes (incl. Six Sigma)
    • Use of Industry 4.0/IoT solutions such as preventive maintenance, preventive quality planning & control, in-line process control, and digital TQM
    • Programmes for quality cost reduction
    • Operational quality offensives, process stabilisation
    • Quality management in indirect business functions
    • Implementation of a zero error philosophy in the company

    Case Study

    Bild einer Maschine in der Autoindustrie
    ©WEBASTO Group

    Quality improvement in the automotive industry

    A leading global automotive manufacturer wanted to mobilize and accelerate its entire network of nine factories in terms of costs and quality.

    With ROI, the Group established a completely new football-inspired practice of competing for championship leadership. The project team thus dynamised rigid plant structures and work routines.

    Case Study

    Arbeiter an einer Fertigungsstraße

    Quality excellence

    To bring quality management to a new level of performance, the right combination of proven measures and new technologies must be found. ROI's lean supply chain management approach enables companies to evolve in many ways in terms of quality.

    Case Study

    Bild einer Montagestraße für Autos mit Robotrarmen

    Standards for operational excellence in an international group of plants

    20 global plants of an automotive supplier have operated largely independent of each other. In order to tap value creation potential, the company quickly built up the necessary OPEX know-how together with ROI and created structured operations processes that function internationally.

    Case Study

    Bild eines Laborarbeiters in der Elektobranche
    ©ARRI Group

    Quality in production

    A medical technology company wanted to reduce the number of defects in the production line of one of its top products by a factor of 10. Together with ROI, the company identified the appropriate starting points and ensured quality improvements that can also be scaled to other product lines.

    Case Study

    Bild einer Industrieanlage

    OPEX - ROI Model

    A steel group implemented an OPEX strategy with ROI at almost 200 locations. The goal: to use energies for change not simply free, but focused and result-oriented. So that operational processes are not only better, but also excellent.