Consulting supply chain management and logistics

The reliability and flexibility of the entire value added chain are critical parameters for long-term corporate success. The processes of Supply Chain Management (SCM) must meet demanding requirements. In particular, this includes the following:

  • Rapidly changing customer and market requirements
  • Difficult demand prognoses as a result of high market volatility
  • Enhanced customer interaction
  • Increasingly intensified global competition and global networking
  • Transparency across several companies
  • Greater complexity by increasing article variety and short product and development cycles
  • Quick reactions to external influences from natural disasters up to political crises
  • Ensuring error-free processes in lean manufacturing systems with exhausted buffers

ROI Consulting supports your customers in finding the strategically right responses to this challenge. We show you how to achieve profitability and differentiation from the competition by the holistic optimization of the value added chain across all interfaces.

Our service offer supply chain management and logistics

Vision, supply chain strategy, global network planning and simulation, relocation management to Eastern Europe and to Asia

Lean supply chain management, procurement management, working capital management 

IT management for the supply chain

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