Supply Chain Management

Reliable, adaptive and flexible supply chain networks have a direct impact on the performance and competitiveness of manufacturing companies. They can open up immense potential as well as being responsible for risks which threaten the existence of the company. Supply chain management (SCM) is a particularly sensitive early indicator for the overall trends that companies have to deal with: Geopolitical and macroeconomic crises, protectionist tendencies, natural disasters, and supply shortages of scarce raw materials all hit the supply chain first. Rapidly changing customer and market demands, short product and development cycles, difficult forecasts and market volatility all require solutions within the framework of SCM. And approaches such as inter-company cooperation, transparency and digitization, lean production systems or automation can only demonstrate their relevance and their added value within the entire value network.  

    ROI supports companies in building sustainably planned, effectively controlled and risk-optimised supply chain networks, which generate added value and competitive advantages in many ways. 

    In doing so, we cover the entire spectrum of relevant issues: From the development of an overall supply chain strategy and global network planning, risk and relocation management concepts and programmes for the integration and development of suppliers and the digitisation of entire supply chains. In particular, our range of services in the field of supply chain management includes the following areas: