Creating a sustainability agenda

Time to act: achieve optimal sustainability and cost balance with ROI-EFESO

High time to address the issue of sustainability? We support you in the development of sustainability initiatives and strategies with which you can successfully solve the environmental and social challenges of your value creation. This will give you a competitive edge and strengthen your strategic and operational foundation for long-term business success.

In your company, there are no or only a few uncoordinated sustainability activities, budget barriers and unclear responsibilities in the organization make coordinated progress difficult. At the same time, your market is increasingly oriented towards sustainable products or your core business is more strongly regulated by new laws.

We ensure a focus on the essentials: using the right levers to achieve the best possible results for the sustainability and cost balance. Together, we use a materiality matrix to set goals and priorities for your sustainability agenda, identify risks and investment opportunities, improve your operational processes, and ensure the success of your sustainability measures.

Three steps to effective sustainability management with ROI-EFESO


1. Clarify status quo

Including on CO2emissions, existing initiatives, risks and potentials for the further development of products and services.


2. Set targets

In particular, consolidate existing activities and next steps in an action roadmap, bundle and, if necessary, center activities.


3. Expand successes

First and foremost, by expanding the corporate strategy or business model to include sustainability criteria.


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Tim Ballenberger

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Dr. Felix Canales

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