Net Zero plus X: Increasing sustainability success with ROI-EFESO

You have already reached the first milestones of your sustainability strategy - be it on the way to climate neutrality, the implementation of social standards or the further development of your Product portfolio. Now you are looking for an experienced consulting partner to identify and quickly implement further significant potential.

We bring your sustainability results to a new level of excellence if you already have a well thought-out, professional sustainability strategy and are already successfully implementing corresponding projects or initiatives. We evaluate your initiatives according to cost/benefit criteria, consolidate segmented initiatives, provide an overall view as well as operationalize and monitor the success of your strategic objectives.

In addition, we combine sustainability and digitization strategies to achieve their goals more efficiently in joint rather than parallel processes and to adequately align your business model with the future.

Exploiting sustainability potential and generating added value

With ROI-EFESO you transform your sustainability management to a new level of excellence. Together, we use holistic sustainability analyses to identify potential for improvement in your company and activate it. In doing so, we focus on the following tasks:

  • Strengthen Manufacturing & Supply Chain Footprint: reviewing, securing and realigning your sustainability footprint in global value networks, e.g. with regard to shareholder value relevant ratings, legal certainty or when rolling out sustainability standards / best practices from pilots to the entire plant network.

  • Realign product portfolio and lifecycle: strategy on new business models and products, and on product design and lifecycle. Integration into innovation and development environment.

  • Deploy Smart Products: selecting and integrating Smart Products with regard to new sustainable business models to gain transparency on the sustainability contribution of your products and services, offer products as a service or harmonize Smart Factory / Industrie 4.0 initiatives with sustainability programs.

  • IoT platforms for horizontal and vertical data integration: create transparency about existing data, which is essential e.g. for defining and measuring sustainability KPIs. Leverage digitization technologies such as AI to activate further potential. Establish "digital & social" as a success factor, e.g. with a view to the increasing networking of employees and machines.

  • Establish supplier and customer ecosystems: establish or join (local) carbon capture networks or joint ventures for new technological developments, e.g. to realize a joint circular product design.

In further developing their Manufacturing & Supply Chain Footprint, benchmark companies answer the following questions:


1. Which products will be manufactured where in the future and with what depth of added value?


2. What will the production and logistics network of the future look like?


3. How is the supplier network adapted?


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Dr. Felix Canales

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