Glass, metal and plastic packaging

In the dynamic packaging sector, ROI-EFESO is strengthening companies with solutions that improve efficiency, sustainability, and product integrity. Digitalization plays a special role here in all material categories, for example in the context of data analytics. Key topics and areas of development in projects with the ROI-EFESO team include:

Glass packaging

Precision in manufacturing and filling processes is crucial to maintain the integrity of the material. Advanced automation technologies, including robotic arms and computerized systems, enable precise handling and packaging, minimizing breakage and ensuring that the final product meets stringent quality standards. Additionally, ROI-EFESO’s clients are implementing innovations in lightweighting techniques contribute to sustainability efforts, reducing material usage and transportation costs.

Metal packaging

In this field, efficiency is often synonymous with material durability and preservation. Advanced metal forming technologies, such as high-speed stamping and die-cutting, enhance the production process. ROI-EFESO shows ways to increase production rates and to facilitate the creation of intricate and customized metal packaging designs. Moreover, our clients are using eco-friendly coating technologies that are preventing corrosion and enhance recyclability.

Plastic packaging

Plastic as packaging material requires tailored operational solutions to address environmental concerns. For example, the adoption of advanced injection molding and blow molding processes optimizes production efficiency while maintaining precision in shaping and sizing. ROI-EFESO supports in terms of new business changes, e.g. in incorporating recycled and biodegradable materials. Furthermore, we are the right partner to establish digitalization and automation technologies that ensure the quality and safety of plastic-packaged products throughout the supply chain.


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