Paper and board

With ROI-EFESO, companies in the paper and board industry are ensuring sustainability and competitiveness, for example with solutions like these:

Digital transformation

The digitalization reduces the demand for traditional paper products. By diversifying product offerings, focusing on specialty papers, and embracing digital technologies for more efficient processes, the industry is changing rapidly. To keep pace here by constant adaptation, ROI-EFESO shows companies how to embrace Industry 4.0 technologies and foster a culture of innovation within the organization, for example.

Cost pressures

How to handle fluctuating raw material costs and energy prices in an efficient and future-oriented manner? Backed by ROI-EFESO’s deep operational expertise in the industry, companies implement lean manufacturing practices, explore alternative raw materials, and invest in energy-efficient technologies to lower cost pressures.

Global competition

ROI-EFESO’s customers in the paper & board sector are often in an intense competition with international players. They strengthen and expand their position by focusing on niche markets, enhancing product quality, and building strong customer relationships to differentiate from competitors. At the same time, they meet changing consumer preferences towards sustainable and eco-friendly products, e.g. with new, environmentally conscious products or by building up brand loyalty through sustainability initiatives.


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