Fibre-based packaging

The fibre-based packaging industry faces several key challenges that demand innovative solutions to ensure sustainability and efficiency. One primary challenge is the rising demand for packaging materials coupled with the need for reduced environmental impact. Several, sometimes conflicting, requirements have to be reconciled here. For example, packaging materials need to meet new sustainability requirements - and at the same time maintain high quality standards, such as for pharmaceutical products with high hygiene requirements. We are supporting the industry in solving tasks such as the following:

Enhancing circular economy flows

Improving the circular economy for fiber-based packaging involves optimizing the life cycle of materials, from production to consumption and recycling. ROI-EFESO supports the industry in the crucial fields: in creating closed loop systems where packaging materials are efficiently collected, sorted, and reintegrated into the manufacturing process. Furthermore, we know how to develop innovative, trackable packaging and build up collaborations across the supply chain to standardize recycling practices.

Cost pressures

Cost fluctuations in raw materials, such as pulp, impact the industry's profitability. Together with the consulting team of ROI-EFESO, companies explore alternative, cost-effective raw materials without compromising quality. Furthermore, they are optimizing their supply chain management and invest in technology to enhance production efficiency and reduce costs. By doing so, our customers diversify suppliers and build resilient supply chains simultaneously.

Technological advancements

Keeping pace with rapidly evolving technologies for sustainable and efficient packaging solutions is one major challenge in the sector. ROI-EFESO shows ways to embrace innovation, e.g. by investing in research and development to incorporate cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, we create solid automation and data analytics procedures that can enhance production processes and improve overall efficiency.



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Case Study

A packaging manufacturer is strengthening its competitiveness against new market players. In doing so, the group is focusing on economically and ecologically profitable management in line with the “zero-loss” philosophy. With ROI-EFESO's WCOM™ approach, the company improved the detection, elimination and prevention of losses in 24 plants. At the same time, it empowered thousands of employees to pursue and realize Operational Excellence (OPEX).