Forest and wood supply

Companies in the forestry and wood supply industry are gearing their processes and services towards crisis resistance, environmental compatibility and new, profitable business areas. In cooperation with the ROI-EFESO team, these topics, for example, can form the focal points for further development:

Sustainable forest management

How can forests be efficiently managed to meet the demands of a competitive market while ensuring long term sustainability? Striking the right balance between exploitation for economic gains and conservation for environmental wellbeing is crucial. With ROI-EFESO, companies integrate innovative forestry practices, considering factors like selective harvesting, reforestation, and biodiversity preservation.

Use of technologies

The slow introduction of technologies hampers the efficiency and productivity of forestry. Our clients take a progressive approach: they make targeted investments in suitable technologies for precision forestry, data analytics, automation and other application scenarios. In this way, they can increase efficiency, reduce waste and improve resource management.

Managing the value chain

Unforeseen events, such as natural disasters and global crises, disrupt the wood supply chain, affecting production and distribution. With the ROI-EFESO team, companies ensure stability and certainty of action throughout their entire value chain. This involves integrating upstream processes, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, to enhance efficiency and reduce dependencies. Establishing strategic partnerships with suppliers, implementing transparent supply chain practices, and adopting technologies for real time monitoring are further key components on this path.


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