Pulp, biochemicals and biorefineries

ROI-EFESO helps this sector to realize its full economic potential and combine this with the achievement of sustainability goals. The focus of cooperation with the ROI-EFESO team can be aligned with these topics, for example:

Economic viability

In which ways is cost competitiveness achievable with traditional fossil-based products? ROI-EFESO’s clients drive economies of scale through strategic partnerships and mergers. They invest in continuous process optimization and explore funding options for research and development. In this way, they also minimize the ecological footprint of their production processes and act sustainably, for example with closed-loop systems, in their waste recycling or with the use of environmentally friendly chemicals.

Energy efficiency

Managing energy efficiency requires a holistic approach. With ROI-EFESO, companies evaluate and optimize energy consumption in all phases of their production. The introduction of energy-efficient technologies, such as modern machinery and intelligent IT/OT controls, is crucial. In addition, the ROI-EFESO team supports industry in introducing renewable energy sources and researching energy recovery systems that contribute to meeting their sustainability goals.

Feedstock availability

One of the biggest challenges for the industry is to ensure a constant and cost-effective supply of biomass for production. With ROI-EFESO, companies are setting the right levers in motion to be successful here. For example, they are investing in the research and development of advanced feedstock options such as agricultural residues and specialty crops. Furthermore, they are optimizing supply chain efficiency and using biotechnology innovations and technologies such as AI to reduce costs while improving productivity.


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