SILENT REVOLUTION - 3D-Druck in der Produktion

With 3D printing technologies, companies can now replace conventional production technologies such as milling, molding, drilling or turning. We name checkpoints and starting points for using these technologies

Silent Revolution

Ignoring it is not an option: 3D printing is changing industry. Additive manufacturing is still seen as a limited technology in relation to overall production volume. And yet there are many indications that 3D printing will gain a firm place in industry as a production method and will change established forms of organization and process.

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3D printing: Strong Momentum

Fresh impetus for the future development of additive manufacturing. Rapid software development, topology optimization for functional parts and new printing materials are only a few examples of the momentum of 3D printing technology. Taking the key raw material metal as an example we illustrate which future developments are of particular importance.

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„3D-Druck birgt nahezu unendliche Möglichkeiten...“

Christian Kirner schildert im Interview die wichtigsten Prämissen, Meilensteine und Hürden für die Additive Fertigung – und welche strategischen Zielrichtungen die kommenden Jahre prägen werden.

Interview mit Christian Kirner, Geschäftsführer Operations (COO), EOS GmbH

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Potential for Creative Transformation

More than just gimmicks – the use of 3D printing components in industry. Industrial 3D printing is claimed to significantly reduce production times and costs while making the supply chain more flexible. The technology has great potential to creatively transform traditional production processes across all sectors.

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“Opportunity for Germany as a Center for Technological Innovation”

Interview with Dr. Thomas Jüngling, CEO, H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH In an interview, Dr. Thomas Jüngling explains why the market for additive manufacturing has picked up speed and what trends and opportunities companies should be aware of.

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Multi-dimensional Circuit Carriers using Additive Manufacturing

Beta LAYOUT: Prototypes for new printed circuit boards developed with EOS technology. PCB specialist Beta LAYOUT faced a number of different challenges when manufacturing customized prototypes for interconnect devices. A workpiece produced using additive manufacturing that receives its functionality via direct laser structuring provided the solution.

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From Prototyping to Manufacturing

Guidelines for using 3D printing within a company. Companies can now use 3D technologies to replace conventional production methods like milling, molding, drilling and turning. We list checkpoints for digitalized production and approaches to additive manufacturing.

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