THE NEW ICE AGE - Global Footprint in the Era of Isolation

The "mismatch" between the actual and the required footprint is a constant source of risk for international companies. We describe prevention opportunities in several fields of action.

The New Ice Age

Few companies are prepared for the new era of protectionism and isolation. A new economic and political ice age is fast approaching – a development that will have huge ramifications for how global networks are designed and managed.

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Global Footprint – Revisited

How companies are aligning their existing footprint with what is required. The "mismatch" between the existing and required footprints is a constant source of risk for companies with an international presence. Opportunities for prevention exist in a number of fields of action.

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ROI model for establishing an operations footprint

An infographic concerning the key elements of global corporate networks. No market can be captured with a growth strategy alone – which is why our infographic summarizes the key components of network design and other mandatory elements.

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“Companies need to balance a calm yet vigilant approach.”

Ideas for setting up global partnerships between business and politics. In this interview, Prof. Dr. Oliver Lorz from RWTH Aachen explains how the export world champion can continue to operate in a “democratic recession”.

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Free Trade vs. Protectionism

Protection for the domestic industry or unrealistic fantasies? Our diagram compares the objectives, examples, and background of free trade and protectionism.

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Relying on Our Own Strengths

Practical tips for German companies on handling the Trump administration Dr. André Wolf from the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) sets out just how free and fair free trade really is and the measures businesses can take to hedge against unpredictable regimes.

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Red Alert for Global Players

The top 10 global business risks. Our infographic shows the top 10 business risks, as identified by the “Allianz Risk Barometer”.

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“Today's import barriers will prevent tomorrow’s exports”

Recommended actions for new global market scenarios. An interview with Dr. Johannes Fritz from the University of St. Gallen on the results of the Global Trade Alert and suggested approaches for German companies.

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