Consulting Research and development (R&D)

Research and Development (R&D) is the driving force behind technology-based innovations. When implemented effectively in the right products and processes in the market, R&D represents a key success factor in global competition.

ROI Consulting has been supporting companies for over thirty years through the design of lean and effective Research & Development systems.

Our consulting approach is characterised by pragmatic yet theoretically sound processes. With the help of practically proven approaches, methods and instruments, we are in a position to identify potential quickly and to formulate approaches for bringing about improvements: be it for savings in Research & Development costs, for reduction of throughput times in development or for enhancing product quality. We support our customer with the design, pilot testing and implementation of R&D systems and ensure sustainable realisation of the R&D savings potential.

Our service offer research and development


Strategic R&D Management, Product Strategy, Technology Strategy, Global Development Footprint

Engineering Excellence Model, Lean Development, Innovation Management, Product Development Process (PDP), Industrialization, Supplier Integration, Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

Agile Development, R&D Management, Classical Project Management, Multi-Project Management, Platform Management, Product Management

Product Portfolio Management, Complexity Management, Variant Management, Product Standardization, Cost Engineering and Design to X, Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE)

DIGITALIZATION (Internet of Things / IoT) IN R&D
Industry 4.0 Maturity Scan, Industry 4.0 Benchmarking, Industry 4.0-Strategic Roadmap, development of smart products

The ROI Learning Campus, founded by ROI Consulting in cooperation with the Verlag Moderne Industrie, offers training modules for all R&D service components. Read more about our variety of trainings.  



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