Consulting factory and logistics planning

Planning new factories or restructuring existing sites is a mammoth task for every manufacturing company. Decisions made during this process have long-term consequences and later changes are only possible with enormous expenditure of time and resources. And sometimes they are completely irreversible. Therefore, factory planning should be carried out with the maximum possible prudence and professionalism, whereby several factors must be taken into account. 

On the one hand, it is necessary to involve all relevant stakeholders in the planning of the infrastructure, logistics and production concepts right down to the relevant products. Both within the company and beyond. Of particular importance here are the upstream and downstream partners in the value chain or the responsible authorities and institutions that set the framework conditions and restrictions for the construction or conversion of a factory. 

In order to do justice to this complexity, to manage risks in the course of the project with foresight and to achieve high planning efficiency, an iterative and multidimensional approach is therefore recommended. Here, the product and its variance define the optimal core process from which all logistical and infrastructural processes and structures are derived. Optimal planning is carried out along the following dimensions: 

  • central/peripheral: from the production process to disposal, from the main process to the auxiliary process,
  • coarse/fine: from the general to the building, divisional, resource structure,
  • ideal/realistic: from greenfield scenario to brownfield planning with boundary conditions

ROI supports companies from the manufacturing industry in the entire process of planning factories and logistics networks. From strategy development and site selection to the design of production and logistics concepts and Industry 4.0 roadmaps, the derivation of infrastructure requirements as well as personnel planning and organization. We actively support the entire project implementation up to the production ramp-up and the onboarding of local suppliers. Our range of services includes in detail

Location search and selection;

  • Infrastructure, regulatory framework, economic development,
  • local labour market and supplier structures,
  • available land and factory buildings,
  • Scouting with local teams

Production and logistics concepts;

  • Optimization of process chains and value flows in production and assembly,
  • Plant, factory and logistics planning,
  • Planning and implementation of industry 4.0, smart factory and IoT concepts,
  • Supplier selection and integration, planning of inventory management concepts,

Layout planning;

  • Development and successive detailing of the overall layout: rough and detailed concept,
  • Area and spatial planning,
  • Determination of the building structure,
  • Scenario evaluation: profitability calculations and concept simulations,

Implementation support and personnel development;

  • Supplier selection and coordination,
  • Permit management,
  • Support during the production start-up,
  • Qualification concepts and training for employees and suppliers,
  • Project controlling, project management and project office.