LOGISTICS 4.0 – Insight into the cockpit of the future

Logistics means movement. Stocks, border fences and media discontinuities are a thing of the past. But how does a supply chain work when there are no more warehouses or central control units? Join us on our journey to the stations of Logistics 4.0.

Logistics 4.0 – Insight into the cockpit of the future

What do logistics processes look like when the usual interfaces in the value creation process disappear, when the boundaries between factory and warehouse become blurred or completely eliminated? Welcome to Logistics 4.0!

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From supply chain to supplier networks

Traditional supply chains are slowly disappearing. They are being replaced by logistics networks in which the parties involved are centrally networked via cloud.

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Blue Collar Cyborgs

People as orchestrators of the smart factory need to keep an eye on both the flow of physical goods as well as the information flow. The so-called Blue Collar Cyborgs are supported by Human Machine Interfaces.

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The deserted warehouse

Working in the department store of the future you hardly ever meet humans anymore. They will be replaced by intelligent robotic systems that are able to organize themselves and make decentralized decisions.

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How would robots plan a warehouse?

Shelves are an invention of man. But are they still needed at all if warehouses are only operated by robots in the future? No, believes the Norwegian manufacturer Hatteland.

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Smart Transportation

Emission avoidance is not the only major challenge of logistics 4.0 since possible driving bans on Diesel vehicles. Smart transport solutions help to master the increasing volume of goods in a resource-saving manner.

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Bimodal Supply Chains

Industry superstars like Amazon show: in addition to increasing efficiency and cutting costs, Logistics 4.0 is also concerned with the adaptation of new technologies and new growth – we call this the mastery of bimodal supply chains.

Von Dr. Wolfgang Keplinger, ROI Management Consulting AG

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