Modular Equipment

Standardized, modular production sections and open interfaces between plants ensure that production processes in the Future Factory can be flexibly adapted at any time.

  • Largely independently deployable production modules based on uniform network-wide specifications for high mobility of production capacities and efficient, sustainable production design.
  • Standardized module interfaces for global compatibility, rapid adaptation of production configurations and as a basis for a "plug & produce" approach.
  • More flexible production logistics and individual routing of products between modules through a fully automated material flow and the use of autonomous mobile robots.
  • Decentralized process monitoring and control for the allocation of required resources during order processing and an individual throughput of single products.


Hans-Georg Scheibe

Hans-Georg Scheibe
Member of the management board
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Case Studies

Case Study

A dairy company is continuing its success story with a clear vision: After times of war and factory fires, it is building the most technologically advanced "Future Factory" in its region. With ROI-EFESO, the company is developing a concept for the factory, which is to be built on 70,000 square meters by 2030 - and is combining this planning with a digitization/Industry 4.0 initiative for ongoing production

Case Study

A start-up wants to position itself as one of the highest-volume European heat pump manufacturers within only four years. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, ROI-EFESO develops a production and material flow planning for the construction of the planned Gigafactory and ensures a fast scalability of the production capacities through a Smart Factory concept.